Mr Brian Behan V Degree

Dojang: Leixlip Taekwon-Do


1985-1986 First started training in the Tae Kwon-Do Centre, Exchequer Street, Dublin under the supervision of Master Brendan O'Toole and Mr. Gerry Martin
1990 Advanced to 1st Degree Black Belt
1992 Advanced to 2nd Degree Black Belt
2006 Advanced to 3rd Degree Black Belt. Once attaining 3rd Degree Black Belt status, Mr Behan took up the position of Assistant Instructor in Lucan Tae Kwon-Do under the supervision of Master Douglas to the present date
2009 Advanced to 4th Degree Black Belt
2011 Opened Leixlip Taekwon-Do, Scóil Eoin Phoil, Green Lane, Leixlip
2008 International Instructor Course Successfully Completed
2009 National Umpires Course Successfully Completed
2009 INTA Technical Seminar Successfully Completed
2009 Child Protection in Sport Awareness Workshop Successfully Completed
2010 Child Protection Officer Workshop Successfully Completed
2010 National Instructors Course Successfully Completed
2012 2 year First Aid Course Successfully Completed
  Brian Behan has represented Ireland at a National and International level on numerous occasions throughout his career in Taekwon-Do.