• Comp
    禮儀 Courtesy
  • Kids
    廉耻 Integrity
  • Waist
    忍耐 Perseverance
  • Sev
    克己 Self Control
  • Laughs
    百折不屈 Indomitable Spirit

About The INTA

The Irish National Taekwon-Do Association (INTA) was established in 1991 by Grandmaster Brendan O'Toole and Master Gerry Martin, who both have experience in Taekwon-Do spanning over 40 years. The association was set up with the aim of providing it's members with the highest quality instruction possible in ITF style Taekwon-Do as taught by the founder, General Choi Hong-Hi.
Grandmaster Douglas and Master Martin now Lead the constitutionally elected board of the Association and oversee its smooth running and day to day activities. These activities include; gradings, seminars, instructors classes and competitions serving the entire membership consisting over 35 clubs spanning Dublin, Cork, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Louth, Meath and Westmeath.

The INTA are constantly promoting ITF Taekwon-Do and actively encourage black-belts to open new clubs and also to welcome existing Taekwon-Do clubs to the ITF system.