Mr Darren Healy IV Degree

Hollyhill TaeKwon-Do School
Bweeng TaeKwon-Do School



Mr Healy opened his  schools  in 2008 and has been teaching and enjoying his training since. He looks forward to continuing his TaeKwon-Do journey for himself and students  under the guidance of the INTA.
Promoted to 
2nd degree May 2010
3rd degree May  2013
4th Degree April 2017
Officiated at Open worlds 2011, 2013, 2017.
Completed IICs in Ireland, England ,USA  and Scotland.
Disability Inclusion Training Completed.
Competed Succesfully in German Open 2014, Scotland Open 2014 and England, Open World Championships 2013.
CMAP Award received for work with Special Needs TaeKwon-Do promoting and teaching in Feb 2018.
Hollyhill & Bweeng TaeKwon-Do Schools are fully inclusive Special Needs Clubs.